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Little sneak peek new single "The Nightfall"

The making of Reckless Heart

Tempest Recording Studio, (Phoenix, Arizona), 7th of february 2022: CAPPAERT and Steve Gadd: the recording of the album “Wild Bouquet” by CAPPAERT. (release early 2024)

CAPPAERT - Eternal Sleep Avenue (Official videoclip)

The only thing that comes to my mind is that neither revealing or dissecting, nor explaining, is the only key that suits me. I see it as the listener’s duty to dare to lose themselves in my music. Let the magic of mystery flourish until it transports you to a place you’ve never been before but where you can land, float, contemplate yourself, in pure raw emotionality and in all fragile honesty.”
– Annelies Cappaert


  • Lyrics & music: Annelies Cappaert
  • Vocals: Annelies & Sarah Cappaert
  • Production: Steve Willaert & Annelies Cappaert
  • Strings: The Budapest Art Orchestra
  • Drums: Jordi Geuens, Pim Dros (additional drums)
  • Bass: Wouter Berlaen
  • Guitars: Bert Verschueren
  • Keyboards, programming & arrangements: Steve Willaert
  • Sax: Frank Deruytter
  • Recording & mix ICP Brussels: Michel ‘Shelle’ Dierickx
  • Mastering: Darcy Proper (New York)

Meet the musicians: drummer Jordi Geuens

Studio recording (ICP studio Brussels) of drummer Jordi Geuens playing on “Eternal Sleep Avenue” by CAPPAERT

Meet the musicians: Frank Deruytter

Frank Deruytter adds a wonderful contribution to the new single: “Eternal Sleep Avenue” of CAPPAERT

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