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“It’s about the bliss of
coming home to your
own soul”

CAPPAERT paints images. They drill holes in the skin of the emotional surface and sing about universal thoughts with feminine guts and courage. It’s all about the shadows, the female scream to express hidden emotions.

They counter rawness with fragility, and being sisters, they float effortlessly on their genetic blend. They let the audience fly over mountain landscapes and enchant with their symphonic arrangements and their ethereal voices. It’s about the bliss of coming home to your own soul.

The sisters travelled to the US (Phoenix, Arizona) and entered the studio with Steve Gadd.

Cross The Earth

Release single December, 2023

About The Nightfall

Coming soon


  • Music and Lyrics: Annelies Cappaert
  • Voices: Annelies Cappaert & Sarah Cappaert
  • Production: Annelies Cappaert & Steve Willaert
  • Drums: Steve Gadd recorded at Tempest Recording studio Phoenix (Arizona)
  • Engineer : Clarke Rigsby
  • Additional Drums: Jordi Geuens 
  • Fretless Bass: Evert Verhees
  • Guitars: Leendert Haaksma, Bert Verschueren
  • Mandolin: Bert Verschueren
  • E-bow: Kevin Mulligan
    Piano, mellotron, electronics, percussion, extra snare: Steve Willaert
  • Strings FAMES project (Skopje, Macedonia)
  • Horns, Brass & woodwinds recorded @ studio DADA
  • Flute: Caroline Peeters
  • Hobo: Balder Dendievel 
  • Clarinet/bass clarinet: Carlos Alexis Escalona 
  • Trumpet: Serge Rigaumant
  • Horn: Quinten De Gelaen 
  • Horn: Yura Mandziy 
  • Trombone: Carlo Mertens
  • Trombone: Sander Vets
  • Tuba: Tobe Wouters
  • Orchestral arrangement: Steve Willaert
  • Children’s Choir:
    Léonie Simoen, Emerick Simoen, Manon Bauwens, Camille Bauwens, Daimi De Vlieger, Tiana De Vlieger, Marie-Julie Verhaeghe, Victorine Verhaeghe
  • Adult choir:
    Annelies Cappaert, Sarah Cappaert, Ethan and Abbey, 
    Ronny Claus, Carine De Brabandere, Steven T’Joen, 
    Steve Willaert
  • Fazioli piano recorded @ Blue Keys studio Jef Neve
  • Upright piano recorded @ ICP Studios Brussels
  • Recording & Mix @ ICP Studios Brussels: Michel (Shelle) Dierickx
  • Mastering: Michel (Shelle) Dierickx
  • Artwork: Annelies Cappaert
  • Graphic Design: Annelies Cappaert and Kristof Van Rentergem
  • A special thanks to Annelies Cappaert’s loyal side-kick, Thomas Fiorini, with whom she proofreads her texts. As a native speaker Thomas always makes the effort to put himself in her world.

The Nightfall

Release single October, 2023

About The Nightfall

Coming soon


  • Music & lyrics: Annelies Cappaert
  • Production: Steve Willaert & Annelies Cappaert
  • Vocals: Annelies Cappaert & Sarah Cappaert
  • Piano, Electronics: Steve Willaert
  • Horns & woodwinds recorded @ DADA Studios Brussels:
  • Strings: FAMES project (Macedonië)
  • Drums: Toni Vitacolonna
  • Percussion : Chris Joris
  • Arrangements: Steve Willaert
  • Mix @ ICP studio’s Brussels: Michel ‘Shelle’ Dierickx
  • Mastering: Darcy Proper (New York)
  • Graphic design/ artwork cover: Annelies Cappaert
  • « Owl » : Annelies Cappaert
Out Soon Reckless Heart A

Reckless Heart

Release single July, 2023

About Reckless Heart

For this single, Annelies and Sarah Cappaert, along with co-producer Steve Willaert, traveled to Phoenix, Arizona. There, they worked in the studio with Steve Gadd, a renowned drummer (Eric Clapton, James Taylor, Joe Cocker, Kate Bush, etc.).

Several other songs from the new ‘Wild Bouquet’ album also feature contributions from Steve Gadd.


  • Lyrics & music: Annelies Cappaert
  • Production: Steve Willaert en Annelies Cappaert
  • Vocals: Annelies en Sarah Cappaert
  • Drums: Steve Gadd
    Fretless Bass: Evert Verhees
  • Electric Guitar: Leendert Haaksma
  • Piano & Electronics: Steve Willaert
  • Tenorsax: Frank Deruytter
  • Percussion: Chris Joris
  • Strings: Bulgarian Art Orchestra & FAME’S Studio Orchestra (Macedonië)
  • Mix @ ICP studio’s Brussels: Michel ‘Shelle’ Dierickx
Hoes Eternal Sleep Avenue Cappaert 9

Eternal Sleep Avenue

Release single April 7th., 2023
Duration Radio Edit 4:09

New album “Wild Bouquet” (+/- Early 2024)

About Eternal Sleep Avenue

The only thing that comes to my mind is that neither revealing or dissecting, nor explaining, is the only key that suits me. I see it as the listener’s duty to dare to lose themselves in my music. Let the magic of mystery flourish until it transports you to a place you’ve never been before but where you can land, float, contemplate yourself, in pure raw emotionality and in all fragile honesty.”
– Annelies Cappaert


  • Lyrics & music: Annelies Cappaert
  • Vocals: Annelies & Sarah Cappaert
  • Production: Steve Willaert & Annelies Cappaert
  • Strings: The Budapest Art Orchestra
  • Drums: Jordi Geuens, Pim Dros (additional drums)
  • Bass: Wouter Berlaen
  • Guitars: Bert Verschueren
  • Keyboards, programming & arrangements: Steve Willaert
  • Sax: Frank Deruytter
  • Recording & mix ICP Brussels: Michel ‘Shelle’ Dierickx
  • Mastering: Darcy Proper (New York)

Official videoclip

“to create something by touch is
the supreme feeling of happiness”

Annelies Cappaert

A self-taught language

Somewhere on a desolate chalk cliff in a desolated little village “AULT” near Piccardy (France), Annelies Cappaert writes her lyrics and music. Her sister Sarah Cappaert adds spices and acute accents with her voice color. These two sisters are from Bruges, Belgium. They did a series of concerts, to promote their second album “Warrior Of The Good”, called “concerts in the dark”. An idea that was born, when Annelies Cappaert was driving away and back to a remote rock house and writing her songs (almost by touch), year after year. She wrote in a self-learned language. She lets the songs ripen for years without showing hardly anything to anyone except her sister: Sarah.

Steve Willaert

It was producer, film composer and arranger Steve Willaert who noticed the rather unusual writing talent and underlined in its uniqueness:

“She writes music in colorful brushstrokes. They are melodically unpolished jewels where the feeling prevails. She produces her songs like a painter: her brush strokes are thick and thin, as her lows, mid-lows and highs, her colors project the choice of her instruments and her lyrics are the mirror of her soul. Her lyrics are layered and reveal themselves like Matryoshkas. She’s writer who lives in and for her songs…”

Steve Gadd, Iceland and the symphonic orchestra from Bulgaria

The sisters travelled to the US (Phoenix, Arizona) and entered the studio with Steve Gadd.

After that, Annelies went alone to Iceland to test the songs against the raw nature, where she further refined details, colors and sounds. The orchestration was recorded with a symphonic orchestra from Bulgaria and Macedonia. In total, the sisters worked on (the double) album for 5 years.

Steve Gadd1

Ault (France),
birthplace of many
Cappaert songs

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